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The Art of Kermit Oliver

Kermit Oliver
August 4th - October 14th, 2023


Photo credit © Waco Tribune-Herald


In celebration of Kermit Oliver's 80th birthday, Art Center Waco is pleased to present an exhibition of wearable art, a 30 year collaboration between Waco Artist, Kermit Oliver, and French Fashion House Hermès. 


Each of the 16 designs Kermit created between 1984-2014 is represented in this exhibit, with several color variations on display.


This exhibit contains Americana imagery that is reflective of the time in which it was created. Art Center Waco is exhibiting the work in its total as a celebration of the collaboration between Waco artist, Kermit Oliver, and French Fashion House, Hermès.


©Hermès is the copyright of Hermes International S.A. and is not affiliated with Art Center Waco or this exhibit. 

"Art was a way of communicating, because I am a very 'inside person', this allowed me to communicate without having to be verbal."
- Kermit Oliver


Kermit Oliver (b. 1943, Refugio, TX) lives in Waco, TX


Oliver grew up on the O'Connor Ranch in Refugio, Texas, where he showed an early talent for drawing and painting. He was encouraged by his family to pursue art instead of the harsh conditions of cowboy life.


He attended Texas Southern University, where he studied with renowned artist John Biggers, PhD. After graduating from TSU, Oliver pursued his art career in private while working as a postal worker in Houston and later in Waco, for 40 years.


Oliver is best known for his vibrant and intricate paintings that often portray African American and Native American culture, landscapes, historical figures, and wildlife from his childhood.


Oliver’s work has been exhibited in major museums globally, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and Culture, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the Dallas Museum of History and Art Center Waco in 2021.


He has received prestigious awards for his incredible work, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Art League Houston in 2013.

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