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"Of Warm Impermanence" is an introspective journey of two visual artists and longtime friends, Vy Ngo and Ty Nathan Clark, who despite their different backgrounds, have found synchronicity in their creative process and how memories, music, poetry, and human connections inform their work. Through paintings, sculpture, and installation work, Ty and Vy delve into their personal experiences and narratives, using abstraction to express their emotions and reflections on complex and universal themes of trauma, heartache, healing, and triumph.


Both artists use many layers of various mediums, vibrant colors and organic shapes to create pieces that are highly emotive and demonstrate the power of resilience and hope in the face of adversity and deep-seated scars. As a dancer, Vy's paintings are full of movement, flow, and areas of internal discovery, shifting in and out of the subconscious and consciousness. While Ty energetically constructs and deconstructs his materials, jumps on and around the canvas, physically engaging with his work to find balance and understanding amongst the chaos. As. abstract philosopher poets, "Of Warm Impermanence" is an exhibition for the viewer to connect with themselves, be present. and feel comfort in the understanding that we are all interconnected like ripples in the stream of life, riding the waves of healing, and finding beauty in the suffering and the fleeting nature of time. 

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