We cultivate the visual arts in the Waco community.

The feeling of a paint-soaked brush gliding across paper. The smell of pastels, crayons, and paint mingling in harmony. The look of intense focus on the face of an artist as they ply their craft. These are the intangible moments we live for. These are the experiences we provide at The Art Center.

On View in the Art Center Galleries:

Lost & Found by JOhn Storm & Cash Teague

Through September 30, 2017


These two Waco-area art educators invest in the lives of students and create distinctive work themselves. Both artists allow medium and process to guide them to completed work with appealing, unique results. For more information about this exhibition, click here.


the art center extends its apologies to artist mary corey march

The Art Center of Waco sincerely apologizes to Ms. Mary March for the inadvertent use of the idea, style and title of her original “Identity Tapestry” artwork without her authorization. Ms. March is an accomplished San Francisco based artist, who has spent years creating sophisticated, intricate, and thought-provoking interactive art installations that allow the public to connect with her artwork. As a nonprofit committed to honoring artists, we are deeply sorry for the unintentional mistake of using the “Identity Tapestry” motif without Ms. Mary March’s permission.


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