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The feeling of a paint-soaked brush gliding across paper. The smell of pastels, crayons, and paint mingling in harmony. The look of intense focus on the face of an artist as they ply their craft. These are the intangible moments we live for. These are the experiences we provide at The Art Center.




India's Kumbh Mela

Sure to be a memorable experience, the India's Kumbh Mela exhibit will open at The Baylor Club on July 28, 2016.

The exhibit is a display of the work of Greg Davis, National Geographic Creative photographer. At the event, guests will enjoy delicious Indian food, listen to live sitar music, watch Indian dancing, and view Greg Davis's award-winning short documentary, Cloth Paper Dreams. 

Proceeds from tickets to the exhibit opening will go directly to funding The Art Center, and will enable us to excel in fulfilling our mission to advance the arts in Waco.

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