As a small nonprofit, we are always in need of volunteers!

Check out the page below to discover some of the ways you can get involved. Sign up for more than one if you like!

If you have a particular skill set that does not fit these categories, please feel free to call us at 254-752-4371.

Community Events

We love to participate in community events, but with a small staff, we can’t do it all! We want your passion for our Waco community to be poured into our presence at community events.

As a community events volunteer, you would attend community events such as Cultural Arts Fest, school fundraisers, etc. as a representative of The Art Center. You would run our booth and provide information to event attendees about our programs. This is an “as-needed” position, meaning you would be asked to volunteer as events come up.

Program Volunteer

Are you passionate about art and art education? If you are interested in serving your Waco community through helping The Art Center provide quality art education, consider becoming a programs volunteer.

As an art programs volunteer, you would be an assistant in a classroom during one of our programs. The Art Center requires a background check of any unaffiliated volunteer who works in our children’s programming.

Cleaning Volunteer

At The Art Center, we’re always in need of help in organizing and cleaning our building, and could use all the help we can get!

As a cleaning volunteer, you would come at your convenience to help The Art Center stay beautiful inside and out! Although we realize this is not the most glamorous job, our cleaning volunteers are deeply appreciated, as they keep our building pristine for the public.