We would like to recognize our top members.


Grant Dudley
Winfred Emmons
Kay and Lyndon Olson
Mr. Cullen and Mrs. Ann Smith

M. Stephen Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bivona
S. Spencer Brown
David A. Doss



Risher and Bob Gilbert
Melvin Lipsitz
Mr. Scottie and Mrs. Lisa Mayfield
J. Paul Pederson
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Elizabeth Smith

Alice Starr
Mrs. Margie Allen
Steve Cutbirth
Mr. Malcolm P. Jr. and Mrs. Susan Duncan
Ottis and Mrs. Heidi Foster



Doug Michaels
Carol S. Miller
Robin Owens
Dr. Bill and Mrs. Ruth Pitts
Betsy Reeder
Janice Runyons
Cindy Smith
John C. Sponenberg
Bryant Stanton
Laura Swann
Thomas Swann
Beverly Taube
Susan J. Taylor
Laurinda Thorp
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sallie Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Young

Piers Bateman
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Bushnell
Nancy H. Callan
William J. Dube
Betty Gianella
Robert Gianella
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Edith Gibney
Felicia Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Hansgen
K. Paul Holt
Collette Karr
Susan Kennedy
Gary Lasseter
Melody Lavy
Lance Magid
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Nancy McGovern