Every summer, we host art camps for kids of all ages, combining a fun, relaxed environment with the opportunity to stretch artistic skills.


With something for every age from 5 to 16, summer camp at The Art Center is a blast, with opportunities to engage with all sorts of art media, subjects, techniques, and traditions. You can browse by age or camp date using the buttons below, or just scroll all the way down to see all of the posted 2018 camps.

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The Art Center of Waco is committed to providing quality art education to as many families as possible. If you would like for your child to attend summer camp, but the price is a barrier to participation, please click below to get a scholarship application.

2018 Summer Camp Classes

thank you to our master level members for helping sponsor our summer camps!

Doug Michaels
Carol S. Miller
Robin Owens
Dr. Bill and Mrs. Ruth Pitts
Betsy Reeder
Janice Runyons
Cindy Smith
John C. Sponenberg
Bryant Stanton
Laura Swann
Thomas Swann
Beverly Taube
Susan J. Taylor
Laurinda Thorp
Mr. Robert and Mrs. Sallie Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Young

Piers Bateman
Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Bushnell
Nancy H. Callan
William J. Dube
Betty Gianella
Robert Gianella
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Edith Gibney
Felicia Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Hansgen
K. Paul Holt
Collette Karr
Susan Kennedy
Gary Lasseter
Melody Lavy
Lance Magid
Mr. Bill and Mrs. Nancy McGovern