ON VIEW October, 2019 - May 21, 2020

Growth is on our minds as we anticipate all in store for our new building, purchased on South 8th Street! From those who dreamed about and established the Art Center in the 1970s to those who are currently cultivating our vision and building project, there are certainly those who have much they could share about growth when it comes to The Art Center. Progressive development, evolution is one way Merriam Webster defines it, apart from the obvious idea of expansion or gaining in size, which seems befitting given our current goals to finally move downtown, provide accessible programing, and cultivate the visual arts in our Waco community. And, while growth possibly also implies a linear perspective of time, we choose to think of our growth rather in a cyclic, seasonal, and on-going continuum. We expect that our development may ebb and flow over time, but we hope that growth ultimately prods us to being open to the evolutionary process of overall development, whereby we continue to ask, “How are we providing educational programing and exhibitions that represent who we are now?”, and, “How are we helping our community engage on a deeper, more meaningful level?”. We are excited as we anticipate what’s ahead for us both physically and conceptually in the next year and look forward to encouraging dialogue about growth with our current Art Expedition exhibit.

Many thanks to the Contributing artists for 2019-20:


Sharon Bernard, There is no Growth Without Tension

Kristina Brown, Grow Together

Kristina Brown, Motherhood, 1st Place/Best in Show

Kristina Brown, Summer ‘19

Rhonda Goff, Untitled

Merriah Jackson, My Blue Forest is a Blue Forest

Emily Martinka, Red Carnation

Emily Martinka, Still Life on a Sunday

Bradley Settles, Bandera, 3rd Place/Honorable Mention

Bradley Settles, Hay Field

John Storm, Growing Young

John Storm, Uno, 2nd place

Sarah Weatherly, ReMade