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Building Fund

Ingite the arts, invest in the future. 

The impact of the Arts

The nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $63.7 million industry in the City of Waco - one that supports 2,184 full-time equivalent jobs and generates $7.4 million local and state government revenue. 

Students who complete more art classes have up to 15% higher pass rates on standardized tests than students with fewer arts classes. 

No longer do community leaders need to feel that a choice must be made between arts funding and economic development. 


The Cornerstone Alliance

Join our highest level donors in leading the way for visual arts to reach new audiences in Central Texas. Your gift creates opportunities for members of our community to experience art in downtown Waco. 

Click the level you would like to join. 

Art Master Society   $500,000

Dutch Masters          $300,000

Impressionists          $150,000

Southwest Artists    $80,000




Entire Building -  $1 Million                    Pavilion - $250,000                

Main Gallery -$500,000                        Classroom - $150,000 (Front main classroom) $100,000 ( Second Classroom) 

Secondary Gallery - $250,000             Back Courtyard Area - $100,000

Front Courtyard - $250,000                 Gift Shop - $50,000

Venue Space - $250,000                      Carport - $25,000