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Acrylic Still Life Painting

TEACHER: Trisstah Wagstaff
DATES: Mondays, October 7-28
TIME: 6-8 PM
LOCATION: Cultivate 7Twelve, 712 Austin Avenue

A four-week class working with acrylic paints. In each session, students will quickly capture a new still life, taught in a loose impressionistic style by Trisstah Wagstaff. Open to beginner & intermediate level painters but space is limited, so register soon!


  • Acrylic paints in: titanium white, ivory black, Prussian blue, cadmium yellow, deep violet, viridian hue, vermillion hue, cadmium deep red hue

  • Four canvases: 11 x 14 inches, 9 x 12 (can be another 11x14 if preferred), 10 x 10 or 12 x 12, and 12 x 16

  • Four Filbert Paintbrushes: Size 10, Size 6 (x 2) and Size 4

  • Palette knife, metal or plastic

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Beginner Weaving Class for Adults

Teacher: Trisstah Wagstaff
Dates: Thursdays, November 7-21
Times: 6 - 8 pm
Location:Cultivate 7twelve, 712 Austin Ave
Registration Deadline: Friday, November 1st

Learn to weave with the Art Center! Trisstah Wagstaff has studied painting and weaving in her undergraduate and graduate courses and she will be a leading a 3-week class on weaving in November. Wagstaff will teach specific weaves that include- among others: soumak, lace, and the Egyptian knot. Most supplies are provided but we encourage students to bring some of their own fibers to ensure they end up with pieces they really love. Suggested: Three to six different types of yarn of various thickness/texture, meant to be used together, coordinating strips of fabric are also an option.

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PHotos of the Adult Watercolor Class | Fall 2016

Banner image is the work of Noël Kalmus.